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ISRAEL WAR PROPHECY: "Israel Will Take Its Enemies Down!"

63,462 views 1 week ago
The Gaza War between Israel and Hamas in 2014 has already been prophesied. Larry Randolph's prophecy recorded on March 13, 2014 is now coming to pass. Link to full Larry Randolph interview: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Sid: Tell me about Israel.
Larry: I saw... this was the...this excited me greatly. I saw Israel, and as I'm looking around the globe, I saw the land of Israel and I saw it like I was like I was three or four miles up in the atmosphere. And from the dust of the ground of Israel I saw this image coming out of the dust and I recognized it somehow in my spirit... it was King David and he was fully dressed with a robe on and with a sword and he stood up for war. He was ready to war. And said and this is what I heard, when David said to Goliath, "this day shall God deliver you into my hands, and the scripture says and he ran toward Goliath. And I saw this warring Davidic spirit come out of Israel to take its enemies down. And I hear the Lord say, 'the safety of Israel shall not be compromised.' Show less
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