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Shooting a Basketball in SUPER Slow Motion | Phantom Camera 1000fps | Shot Science Basketball

163,075 views 7 months ago
Using a High Speed Camera, we captured EXTREME SLOW MOTION footage of basketball shots using perfect form!

In today's video, we used a Phantom Miro high speed camera to slow the mechanics of shooting a basketball down to nearly a standstill. We're hoping that this extremely smooth footage will allow you to see every intricate detail of what your body does during every element of your shot.

Special thanks go out to Rachel DeMita for being in the video! She's a real-deal baller! Please make sure you FOLLOW RACHEL!!



▶ Rachel A DeMita
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Instagram | http://instagram.com/rademita

▶Casey Curtiss
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"Dramatic Intro" by soundroll-music
"Vintage Slide Guitar with Vocal" by benjaminpacker

(Licensed through AudioJungle.net)



Filmed at the YouTube Space LA



Pierce Cook

Camera: Phantom Miro



Casey Curtiss

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


Special thanks to:

Dave Seger
John Brandt http://www.youtube.com/jbra...
Brodie Smith http://www.youtube.com/brod...
Scooter Magruder http://www.youtube.com/scoo...
Max Weisz http://www.youtube.com/maxn...


Hope you guys love the video! If you do, please share it so we can keep making them! Thank you! Show less
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