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This ain't goodbye

2,733 views 8 months ago
I can only apologise for my absence youtube, so many things have changed since i last uploaded it's hard to know where to begin!

A month and a half ago I moved from a tiny village in the south west of England to London to study Film at university, which sadly meant we took the decision to put Taffy out on loan, as he is far too much a part of the family to sell on. He is now with the most perfect loan home I could have asked for, absolutely spoilt rotten by a lovely lady who adores him, and I can confirm he is very very happy in his new home, which is so nice to see ☺

I can't thank him enough for basically growing up with me, from the ages of 12 and a baby pony at 4, to me turning 18 and him 11, he's been there every step of the way through everything, and he turned into the most versatile little horse anyone could wish for, he'd take me xc schooling and teamchasing, would ride a nice dressage test and showed successfully, have races with our friends, go for tackless canters round the field, tried a bit of side saddle, LOVED his hunting and I could still put my younger sister on him in a head collar and trust him to act like a beach donkey. He gave me some of the best years of my life and I know Teresa will have an equally amazing time with him!

It's been weird moving and dealing with a whole variety of new experiences without having him around but thats just a part of growing up I suppose, I go and see him whenever I'm home because I miss that cheeky face, the photos at the end are all from when I've gone to see him with his new mummy

Thank you to my parents for buying him 6 years ago - best birthday present ever guys, top parents ♥ and thank you Taf for the memories, see you soon cowbear xxxxxx Show less
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