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「V-M」 Burning Sun [Best Concept - Anime Boston '11]

19,319 views 3 years ago
【 Vertical Motion 】 [Download: http://www.animemusicvideos... ]

Title: Burning Sun
Studio: Vertical Motion
Anime: Time of Eve: The Movie
Main Song: Choices
Artist: The Hoosiers
Program: Sony Vegas 7
Days taken: I do not know... Not very long like usual ._.
Dedication: Amy and Jeffy. Happy *late* birthday to both of you, love you all very very very very very very much :3.

OKIII. So, I prefer editing to small sources as it means there is less to download and it's easier to find clips. So I found this movie, downloaded, converted and instantly started editing... I still haven't watched it yet so do not ask me what the movie is about, I only know the basicz LOOOL *fail*.

I cannot believe I achieved Best Concept at Anime Boston. For some reason I grew up in the AMV World adoring the AB Contest and always wanted to have an AMV in it. So I tried and got into the finalists. I didn't expect anything else but OMGGGG BEST CONCEPT IS AMAZING. It's a big achievement for me - And my mum was also very happy ._. LOL.

Thank you to Jeff who stopped me from deleting the video halfway through when I was getting all annoyed at my failing editing skillz. And also to Niwa who constantly told me I would do fine and believed in me :3 *heartz*.

If you have any questions about the video, either contact me through IM, PM or Formspring.

Much love to everyone *heartttt* Hope you all have a fantastic Easter, even if you don't celebrate it like me and just like having days off and getting chocolate LOOOOL. I also wish to say good luck to anyone who has exams in the next month or so, mine start in like 3 weeks ;w;. Show less
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