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Shimmer Sensing

Shimmer for Enterprise Play

  • 3D Camera Control and Stabilisation

    This video demonstrates the use of a Shimmer 9DOF sensor and the Shimmer instrument drivers to control a camera mounted on a gimbal. The 3D orientation values from the sensor are converted to pan/t...
  • Shimmer Receives Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award

    Frost & Sullivan Research Director Kiran Unni talks about the opportunities and challenges in the wearable wireless sensors industry, and outlines how Shimmer is meeting these challenges resulting ...
  • Multi Shimmer Sync v2 0

    Multi-Shimmer Sync (MSS) 2.0 is an application which allows for the configuration of and synchronised data capture from multiple Shimmers on a PC.

    0:20 1. Configure Shimmers
    1:47 2. Stream Data an...
  • Shimmer 3D Orientation

    This video shows the various 3D Orientation examples available on our Labview, Matlab, C# and Android Instrument Drivers

    0:21 Labview
    1:26 Matlab
    1:55 Android
    2:27 C#
  • ShimmerLog v0 4

    ShimmerLog is an application which allows for configuration of and data capture from a single Shimmer unit as well as the export of same to a tab delimited text file.

    0:31 Configuring a Shimmer
  • BtStream Demo Video

    This video demonstrates the basic operation of the BT Stream firmware

    0:14 Powered On
    0:19 Connected State
    0:25 Streaming State
    0:33 Initializing Gyroscope
    0:46 Low Battery Indicator

Recent uploads Play

  • Shimmer3 Getting Started Tutorial Video

    • 3 days ago
    0:23 Shimmer3 Platform Introduction
    1:03 Firmware
    1:29 Shimmer Dock
    1:38 Drivers for Shimmer Dock
    3:34 Download Software
    4:16 Programming the Shimmer
    5:25 Pairing the Shimmer over Bluetooth
    6:24 Ge...
  • ExG for ECG/EMG Tutorial Video

    • 4 weeks ago
    0:13 Assembly of EXG Board
    1:43 Acquiring Test Signal
    2:37 Acquiring ECG Signal
    4:05 Acquiring EMG Signal
  • MSS for SD

    • 2 months ago
    MSS for SD is an application which allows for configuration of and synchronous data capture from a multiple Shimmer unit as well as the export of same to a tab delimited text file

    0:20 Configuring...
  • QR Code & Bluetooth Connection Tutorial

    • 2 months ago
    This video illustrates the use of a QR Code in simplifying the Bluetooth connection process between Shimmer and an Android Device.
  • GSR+ Expansion Board Tutorial Video

    • 2 months ago
    Takes the user through how to set up and start streaming data with the GSR+ Expansion Board

    0:05 Assembling the GSR+ sensor.
    1:30 Acquiring a GSR signal
    2:22 Troubleshooting: Verifying your GSR+ h...
  • Season's Greetings from Shimmer

    • 3 months ago
    A festive experiment using our new GSR and Optical Pulse expansion module measuring emotional responses from pulling a festive cracker.
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