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Shelley Harland

Shelley Harland - New Things

3,741 views 7 months ago
What is on your NEW THINGS LIST FOR 2014?
In 2012 I did a crowd funding campaign to make my new album "The Girl Who Cried Wolf". I was incredibly lucky to have such amazing supporters and thankfully the campaign reached its target successfully!
One of my supporters was "Spencer Hoadly" from UK. He pledged some money in return for my album and also to appear in a music video for one of my songs. Well...once you meet the character that is Spenny you sort of realise he is the star in the making ....so it made total sense that he would be the star of the music video for New Things, not just make an appearance....
I wrote a video treatment that I thought fitted the song and Spenny perfectly. He managed to get his friend Kyle Chase on board to film in the UK and with video files flying back and fourth from there to Sydney I managed to edit together the video.
We love it! We love the story behind it! Hope you do to :)
Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for creating art with me...Shelley xxx
"New Things," is the first single from Shelley Harland's forthcoming album, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, and features remixes by an incredibly diverse collection of electronic genres. The single includes the album mix, Shelley's Acoustic Mix, and remixes by Strangers (synth/electropop), Stereojackers vs Mark Loverush (trance), and Sandro Peres (dance/electro/house). The single will be released digitally globally on January 14th.

NEW THINGS...The Movie

Spenny (Main Character): Spencer Hoadly
Bully boy 1: Greg Chase
Bully boy 2: Andy Colley
Letter boy: Paul Clay

Behind the scenes

Yoga teacher: June Chase
St Lawrences Church: Abbots Langley Bell Ringers
Make Up: Marianne Chase
Camera: Kyle Chase
Camera Assistant: Grant Sheridan

Video Treatment: Shelley Harland/James Wright

"New Things" Written & performed by: Shelley Harland

New things

Well i've seen a thousand pedestrians
drowning on nothing
and on the corner at the local
just regulars, they're regular
waiting for something, something
to appear miracously
waiting for someone
to change them to love them

But if you notice now
it's not too late for new things
if you listen out loud
you can reach inside for new things
If you blow away this cloud
you will find new things
If you open your eyes
Just open your heart to new things

There in the car park or walking or shopping
theres a glare in the eye of robotic beings
theres more life in the ocean or the garden
or machines in factories
where you'd see a spark

But if you notice now
it's not too late for new things
if you listen out loud
you can reach inside for new things
If you blow away this cloud
you will find new things
If you open your eyes
Just open your heart to new things

You'll fly like a bird Show less
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Collaborations/Guest vocals Play

All the lovely people i've worked with :) includes remixes, mash-ups, fan remixes, fan videos, etc.


IN THE DARK song is from Shelley Harland's debut album Red Leaf. A favorite with fans, artists, producers and music critics. The song was selected for the soundtrack to the OMEGA Watches Ladymatic Worldwide TV Campaign featuring Nicole Kidman.

Red Leaf Play

All songs from Red Leaf album

Shelley Harland is a singer-songwriter-producer with a passion to sing and write music of all flavors. She has written pop, dance, acoustic, deep, dark and beautiful songs. Like many people, she enjoys a variety of music and expresses that freedom within her own creations.

Untrained in music, she discovered her talent while living in New York - she picked up a guitar, wrote a few songs and her journey began. Her amazing voice has inspired collaborations with people all over the world, she has worked with legends such as John Cale & Larry Klein and toured with Elvis Costello and The Fray. You can find her on many albums globally as well as her own albums.

Her own journey began in London where she was born to a carpenter father and a nurse mother. "We were a typical Cockney working class family," she says. "There were no musical aspirations. But there'd be singalongs and dance routines at family get-togethers."

In her late teens Shelley realised there was something special about her voice. She'd sing in noisy karaoke bars and the crowds would fall silent to listen. Then she met James Wright, an Australian who had arrived in London to form a band. He urged her to take up singing full-time.

Shelley and James soon relocated to New York where, during the day Shelley would work as a private investigator (staking out some of New York's high flying socialites). Shelley developed her talent for song writing and programming - experimenting with music in her bedroom each evening. In an 'only in New York' moment, The Velvet Underground's John Cale commissioned Shelley to work on one of his records.

These requests to work with Shelley's beautiful voice spanned genres and styles. Guru found Shelley through MySpace and included her on his latest Jazzmatazz release. Junkie XL, Pole Folder, Delerium and Josh Abraham were other collaborators — and people whom she still works with. Shelley also toured the US and Canada fronting the band Delerium.

Recently Shelley and James moved to Sydney. In between her overseas collaborations, she made "Red Leaf" with producer David Skeet. While absorbing the sounds and moods of her environment, Shelley's Sydney network soon expanded to include Tim Powles of The Church, who fell immediately for her music and was soon volunteering to drum on what would prove to be the album recordings. "Red Leaf" was mixed in London by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Radiohead) and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios. A big deal for a beautiful record that began on a $500 piano in Shelley's living room.

"The music I made changed when I moved to Australia," Shelley explains. "I wasn't listening to anything different. My tastes have always been about The Beatles, Motown, The Carpenters, Bjork, Portishead and Fleetwood Mac. But while New York made me feel electric, Sydney was so laid back and beautiful that my music took on that flavour."
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