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Hurricane Sandy: Finding the Strength to Begin Again with SentrySafe

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We don't like to think about it, but a disaster can happen to any one of us. It did for the McDermott family. When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, it left a path of destruction in its wake. In Breezy Point, NY the McDermott home was one of over 100 that were completely destroyed. As Rosemary McDermott searched the debris, she looked for something that would bring her mother comfort at such a hard time. It was then they came across a charred box. And inside "something salvageable out of absolutely nothing."

Inside the SentrySafe file was Rosemary's family genealogy, a project her mother had taken years of care to complete. And she knew when she had found something that would make her mother so happy that something could be saved from their former life.

SentrySafe was established over 80 years ago when it innovated the marketplace with the first fire-resistant safe. Since then, it has developed safes to protect important documents and valuables from threats of fire, flood and theft. Our customers know when they choose SentrySafe to protect their documents, photographs, memories and businesses with us, that they'll be safe even if the worst should happen whether it be a break in, home fire or natural disaster. SentrySafe will protect and provide the things more important to you when you need them most giving you the strength to begin again. Show less
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Rugged, Reliable Protection: A New Generation of Safe Play

SentrySafe has redesigned and redefined protection for the things you value most. These new safes, now with a sleek modern look, are able to defend against disasters like fire and flood. Equipped with the same reliable fire protection you've come to expect from SentrySafe, these chests and files are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1,550˚F for a half an hour. These safes have also been redesigned to take water protection to the extreme, featuring 72 hours of water protection. So if you aren't able to get in your home after a hurricane or flood, you'll still know everything is waiting safe inside your SentrySafe chest or file!

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