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How To Bass Play

Hi, I'm Seamless, and this is How To Bass.

"How To Bass" is a series of individual sound design demonstrations within FL Studio. Though they are done using FL Studio specific plugins, most of the concepts can be extrapolated for use with in nearly any other DAW.

They are not chronological, nor does any single video require that you watch a previous one to understand it (except for the few that specifically mention otherwise).

The series was created to share certain fundamentals of bass music sound design that are simple once you know them, but may elude a prospective producer for any number of reasons.

The goal was not simply to make patches that people will just take and run with once (though, nothing is stopping them from doing so :p), but to establish a resource for the hows and whys of sound design that elude beginner level producers with practical examples that stand on their own.

If you have any questions about any of this, let me know, and as usual, have a nice day :)
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