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Sea Shepherd Defending Baby Harp Seals In 2003

38,648 views 5 years ago
I'm no theologian, I don't know who or what god is exactly.

But I know that he created human beings, and that human beings are capable of some very wonderful and beautiful things, but also some very nasty, vile, unforgivable and horrible things.

One of those things is the annual Canadian baby harp seal slaughter.

The Canadian government with the most selfish and stubbornness of pride likes to call it their 'Canadian Seal hunt' but there is absolutely no pride in walking up to a completely defenseless newborn baby animal and bashing in it's eggshell thin skull all for a Versace fur coat.

"if we wipe out this species what's next?"

Look a that baby harp seal with it's mother, look at it being comforted and reassured by it's mum, who it loves it, look at the peace the innocence and the love.

What god given right do we have to take that away? what gives us the right to come along and completely destroy these absolutely incredible animals and make their mothers cry for them in a completely unnecessary, unjust, horrific, cruel slaughter (not hunt) that it's absolutely not necessary for anybody and only exists simply out of greed tradition and politics?

East coast Canadian fisherman AKA (baby seal killers) complain that the world calls them barbarians. But I think we have every right to after what they have done and continue to do to the harp seals amazing home and all their friends.

Why fight for the harp seals? because we love them and no matter what anyone says or does, no mater what nasty hurtful or ignorant comment is said, and no matter how badly the Canadian government will defend it's oh so precious slaughter of innocent new life, we'll always be there.

Because we are Sea Shepherd, we are the defenders of what's right, and truth and justice and we are going to shut this thing down FOREVER!!!, and they can all write that one down.

For the real reasons and motivations behind Canada's annual ritual of clubbing and shooting to death completely defenseless innocent baby harp seals, please visit my blog on my profile.

This video was uploaded with permission from www.harpseals.org

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