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Scotty Ze

Failing forward. My lessons from falling out of a coconut tree..

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Falling 5 meters out of a coconut tree and cracking my head open maybe wasn't not the smartest thing to do.. Or was it?

The lessons I learnt about coconut tree climbing from that one incident far outweighed anything I could have learnt staying on the ground. Isn't this the same in business?

What if I never try? Is it really safer to stay on the ground and never go for it? Yeah there's risk involved with trying something new. Starting a new business, launching a product or a campaign. Maybe even asking that special someone to Marry you.

But even if you fall flat on your face (or in my case, flat on my back) as long as you get up and keep moving forward.. it was a success! To have stayed on the ground and never try at all.. now that is the real failure.

Yeah I cracked my head open. Needed stitches. Bruised my back, shoulders and buttocks. But who cares!!?? I survived. And now I am better situated to succeed on my next attempt at getting those coconuts.

Life is an Adventure. And all Adventures have risks. To me, it's more risky to sit back in fear and let life pass me by.. than it is to stick my neck out and just do my best.

What risks are you taking in life? And are you really willing to fail forward? Because if you are, the world is yours and all that's in it.

~ Scotty Ze

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