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Jason Elysian

Xbox 360 - Skyrim Akaviri Save - Team Dremora

33,616 views 10 months ago
x Elysian x Presents / In association with Team Dremora


Welcome back everyone to the Finale Skyrim save myself & Team Dremora will be doing.
If you don't know who I am, I make xbox 360 Single player* only mods and general review on games my own personal channel.

Its worth mentioning that even tho this is the last Skyrim save I will be publishing across Youtube and modding sites alike, This doesn't mean my channel ends, I will continue to mod games and upload as I see fit, take suggestions for future games etc. I personally have not uploaded anything on a constant basis due to..well life :(

You will need Win-RAR, Please use a search engine to find this famous program

The Win-RAR below contains a Password for added protection, The password is "xelysianx" without quote marks, Please continue to read below.

(Vers 2)

It's very important to myself and Team Dremora that you read through the User-Manual provided in the WIN-RAR Download.

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