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sara petrai

Reel 2013

49 views 8 months ago
Show reel of my work as director and editor 2012. All these adverts are been shot between India, Kenya and UK for the NGO Orphans in Need. Those are also been a challenge to find different ways to express the same concept: 'they need your help.' It's been an amazing project over two years in collaboration with Sweetdoh Production. Show less
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Adverts Play

Those are more than just adverts.
Those are stories that brought me in India and Africa several times and made me discover the beauty and the misery of this World.
This has been the journey of two friends, a film producer Thibault Trevers and a filmmaker Sara Petrai, who started this collaboration on 2010 and reached the 10th advert this year.
This is the collection produced for Orphans in Need.

Short Documentaries Play

Real Stories of Homelessness in London.
The Zakat Foundation, an UK NGO, is providing shelter and support to the most vulnerable people in UK.
Filmed and Edited by Sara Petrai

Foundraising Video and Advert For Islamic Releif Play

Selection of some of my videos produced at Islamic Relief. I worked for this UK NGO for almost four years as video artist and it's been one of the best experience in my life. Not only I got the possibility to work for a great charity that helps million of people around the World but I also had the chance to develop my skills as video editor and filmmaker. I managed to travel in some of the most remote areas of Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh to document the job of Islamic relief on the field.
I'll always be thankful to been part of this phenomenal NGO.
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