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Violin Solo - Where Life Begins - Taryn Harbridge

7,765 views 11 months ago
Hey there!!
Here is a new piece I wrote! This one is much simpler than my last as far as the instruments I used but for some reason this melody just makes me so happy that I didn't want too much to go on under or over it. This turned into a violin solo after I messed around with it so I thought I'd film myself recording the solo part. This is probably the funnest piece I've written to play. I enjoyed it so much that I played it at church this morning! :) It was the first time I officially played one of my originals for any audience so I was VERY excited!
Thanks for listening,
Taryn :)

If you like what you hear, please help support my music by buying this piece right here:


My other pieces are also available on iTunes or Loudr. :)

Make Him smile,
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