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Sam Weber

Fenway (demo) - Sam Weber

309 views 8 months ago

My producer friend Adam Sutherland introduced me to (and may have coined the term) 'demoitis".

Demoitis is when you get more attached to the demo of a song than the actual version you're recording: the real-deal album version.

It's bad enough when I come down with a strong case of demoitis from one of my demos, but I despise the thought of other people getting it.

Perception is everything. I obsess over perception and how my music is perceived - how it "lands".

Demoitis isn't (necessarily) symptomatic of the demo actually being better than the 'good' version of a tune. It's usually brought on when we become familiar with the initial incarnation of a song first. We become comfortable with the irreplaceable human nuances of a specific recording. Our minds and hearts like the first thing they hear/feel the best... for some reason.

You tread the same route through an open field and a dirt path begins to form beneath your feet because you walk that same path every day. Now, you're expected to zig-zag in and out of familiar, dirty, path bliss into the grass and in completely different directions than you were once familiar with.

Does this make any sense?

Well I think about it a lot. So much so that I don't share my songs with people before they're done, mixed, mastered.


Here is an exception:

'Fenway' is a song I wrote inspired by my time spent in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts.

The summer was in full swing and it was sweltering hot. To escape the heat of my un-aircondition sweat-pod dorm room, I'd take long walks.

One of said walks lead me over the little bridge on Boylston street and into the Fenway area to check out a nearby Guitar Center.

As I walked down the sidewalk, to my right, the familiar shade of a green structure came into view.

There was a moment of disbelief, but I eventually realized I'd accidentally found Fenway Park.

I'd seen it so much on TV or in video games or whatnot - but sitting there between the CVS pharmacy on the left and the Shell station on the right, looking down Ipswich St, it was an incredible, perfect sight to behold.

When I got back to the dorm, I checked online for some tickets hoping I could catch a game during my stay. Sure enough, there was a game!

Sure enough the Yankees were playing and SURE ENOUGH, it was sold out beyond sold out.

This *DEMO* was inspired by that experience.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for 3 World Series titles in 10 years!


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