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Meta Sage

Mondo Surreal Oddities 2: An Exquisite Corpse

1,928 views 7 months ago
Music composed by Meta Sage. Featuring: Ronald Rasch, WeAreLivingMagic, Moist Andy, thedanizblog, conferencereport, Richard "The Dick" Coughlan, Archive of Obscurity, Toshin Quetzalcoatl, MrsMisanthropy, and Migrant Fleetward. Show less
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Broken Box Films Play

Founded back in 2010 over a conversation of classic TV versus the "modern movie", Broken Box is the creation of writer/producers Stephen Herman and David Chin. The two started their venture together in hopes of bringing an old notion to a new generation. With limited funding, the duo set out on a mission to demonstrate that a good story and a camera are the key ingredients to great film making. The result; simple, yet gripping tales layered with everyday lessons for human society and the questioning of its own morals. Fusing together twenty first century imagery and that classic live radio feel, the byproducts of Broken Box will have something for both the old and new; forcing its viewers to not simply think outside of the box, but to dismantle it altogether.

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SageBodisattva's Old Videos Featuring the Tiger Sage.
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