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The Unseen, Best Of The Booth Brothers. Trailer

4,820 views 1 year ago
From acclaimed filmmakers The Booth Brothers as seen on SyFy and Chiller comes THE UNSEEN.
A celebration of The Human Spirit and it's Ghosts. What the networks could not show, uncensored, uncut. The truth behind the twisted paranormal cases that left the abandoned structures infested by ghosts. These are all true stories with real ghost evidence that will leave emotionally moved, shocked and hungry for more! "A compassionate message for all Ghost Hunters alike". NOW ON DVD 
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THE FILMMAKERS: The Booth Brothers. Play

The Brothers Grimm told fairy tales and it scared kids. The Brothers Booth tell real ghost stories and it scares EVERYBODY. Horror filmmakers, The Booth Brothers document true fear, paranormal masterpieces of epic reality. As seen on the Sci Fi Channel and Sony Pictures
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