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Korey Harris Basketball

NEW Drill Book from Korey Harris! (See description below)

959 views 7 months ago
This drill book is a MUST have for serious players who are determined to get better! This is one of the first drill books written specifically for the player. All of the techniques and concepts featured are broken down so that the reader can easily grasp them and take it directly to the court! The handbook features elite drills from some of the world's best coaches, trainers, and organizations as well as some of the best moves from legendary players. The handbook is affordable and available for download on Kindle, as well as paperback format! Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0... to purchase your copy today! Show less
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NBA Pull-Up Series Play

This playlist is specifically for players who want to create space for the jumper. All of these vids are inspired by your favorite players and the moves they use on the court! If you don't see a move that you'd like to see explained, hit us up today!

The Next Generation Play

This playlist is for the next generation of hoopers out there! I love watching people who are skilled and passionate at what they do and it's always a cool thing to see someone come up from the bottom to major status!!! If you are a young player (boy or girl) in middle or high school and you'd like your video to be featured in "The Next Generation" playlist, subscribe to SOGTrainingCo and attach your video link under one of my videos! We'll select one video a week that will be featured on our YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter! Keep grinding and God bless!

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