Skull Babylon ∞ Rebirth from Within

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Skull Babylon ∞ Rebirth from Within

Awakening Within the Matrix in 5 mins. ParadigmShiftCentral.com

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Shiftivism - the act of showing love and planting seeds that will assist in the awakening of consciousness. #consciousdawn
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∞ An interactive community show to help assist in the evolution of consciousness. ∞

Welcome to the Shift. Paradigm Shift is a growing youth initiated community that encourages and supports open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. Each week we will bring you topics, news and updates from the various Paradigm Shift communities across the globe. This is an open and interactive show. Our discussions will cover: new thought, new science, soul evolution, channeling, metaphysics, conspiracy, meditation, mysticism, science, healthy living, nutrition, and the list goes on.

Your host is Skull Babylon Neo-Gonzo Journalist of PS London, Ontario.

We encourage you to call in, share your story, ask questions and be heard. Are there topics that you want to see discussed on the show, message the facebook pge and let us know.

Please invite your friends to this event page.

Listen live and follow at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paradigmshiftradio

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The collection of the full length consciousness shifting movies I have made for your enjoyment.

Preparing for Lucidity Play

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A visceral consciousness shifting gonzo journalism adventure movie through a transformational festival, exploring themes of unity, lucid dreaming, metaphysics, and more.
Watch the newest videos as they go up at http://fb.com/ParadigmShiftCentral
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Here you will find a stream of videos (and other content) that has been created and submitted by people such as yourself within the global community!

The goal of the project is to continue to create and share videos made by people throughout the Global Paradigm Shift Community to practice expressing ourselves, to help collectively inspire one another, and to establish a platform for a shared audience. If you would like to be a Content Creator for The Video Inspiration Station, or if you already have a video to share (it could even be an older one) then let us know by joining the Paradigm Shift Central Content Creator Group and sharing your video there.
Content Creator Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/223173831182949/

All Content Creator submissions will originally be shared through www.fb.com/ParadigmShiftCentral and then included here in the lasting archive.

So get inspired to create and share your own videos with an audience!

Have fun browsing these awesome community videos
Some examples of discussion inside of Paradigm Shift Community meetings.

Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meetings Play

Weekly meetings with the admins of various Paradigm Shift communities across the globe to share community status updates, ideas, address challenges, brainstorm, and optimize growth.

YOU TOO can start up a community and get involved as a community admin. Join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/163835327123490/


Video Dream Log *UPDATED* Play

www.facebook.com/JourneytoLucidity - New Movie.
An ongoing Video Dream Log. Raw footage of me recalling my dreams for the purpose of strengthening my own dream recall as a means to developing my own awareness within my dreams and work towards lucidity and something more.

Are you recording you dreams?

Check out this website to help in your dream recording habits -
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