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The Campus Rec Experience

76 views 2 months ago
What will be YOUR experience?

Will you take the bull by the horns? Take the opportunity in your own hands? Or, will you stand by idly - as life dances in your face?

This is the time of freedom. Being free to take part in YOUR interests - in YOUR desires. Sharing these experiences with your friends, and challenging yourself.

Dive into the unknown and unseen!

Life is not simply a journey to the grave, with the intention of arriving with a well preserved body.

Rather, it's a test of your limits. Testing you to take part in that adventure. In taking that jump and going for it. Experiencing that "New" and "Exciting", that "Bold" and that "Interesting". Being the person to stand up and say, "Wow - what a ride!"

This is the Campus Rec Experience. Are YOU up for it? Show less
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