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▀ Directed & produced by:
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Alexander Blach, Daniel Kubera, Anna Obermeier

▀ Music © by Sensylis

▀ Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Norbert Leitner at Udio Media Studio

▀ We like to thank:

Murat Diril Cymbals
Udio Media
Michi Peklo
Archetype Apparel
Hermann Schügerl

...and every single one who helped us to get this video done!

▀ If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook! Get in touch :)


I feel something is waiting, waiting for me!
I've quite a story to tell!

Imagine yourself in a desert
Too far away from home (you are unborn)
The destination here is where you could have been so long ago
I feel something here is waiting for me!

My story uncovers my soul
Are we delivered to the life we live?
Alive we lead!

No matter where you come from
No matter to which god you pray
We're all the same, forget the shame of differences

You cannot go where you want - they say
just let your dreams fall - they say
And join our society -- i won't!
You should open your eyes -- I say
to see what you've done

Dear world I've got a question!
Are we willing to give up the chance we got a single time?
So let me ask what is the price we pay?
I never wanted to believe but now it's clear we can't go on like this...
we make the boundaries in our head.

My life seems to be planned
Exactly from the start
My mind got drilled day by day
But is that all what we have learned so far?
Or are we
Delivered to the life we live?
Delivered to the life we live.

Lyrics written by Matthias H. & Elias E. Show less
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