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SAS Asia Pacific

Paul Kent, VP Big Data at SAS

425 views 1 year ago
For more information visit http://www.sas.com/bigdata
Paul Kent talks to us about the new capabilities of High Performance Analytics, and the new features of 9.4, especially the Cloud. Show less
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SAS Visual Analytics Play

For more information about SAS Visual Analytics, visit http://www.sas.com/apps/sim/redirect.jsp?detail=TR17660.

SAS Visual Analytics is a high-performance, in-memory solution for exploring any size of data very quickly. It enables you to spot patterns, identify opportunities for further analysis and convey visual results via Web reports, the iPad® or an Android tablet.

In Search of Relevance: Graham Flower Play

In this 4-part series, Graham discusses the need for marketers to adapt to the new mantra of consumer self-directed marketing from push marketing. Graham put it quite succinctly "The idea of sending out a 100 letters and getting 2 responses; and the marketing department opening a bottle of champagne are over. The question you have to ask is what the other 98 people think about what you sent them and how does that affect your brand?". Listen to Graham elaborate about the search for relevance and consumer expectation.

SAS Specialists Play

In this videos series, we ask our Specialists to answer the questions we hear most often from customers and users. We'll explore topics such as analytics, high performance computing, cloud computing, customer intelligence, social media, SAS programming, risk management and much more!
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