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Marty Raybon, Civil War, The Untold & True Story, HD

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Marty Raybon, Civil War, The Untold & True Story Bluegrass Music Video of Marty Raybon - God Didn't Choose Sides - Official Bluegrass Music Video HD More Bluegrass Music Videos at Rural Rhythm Records.


Song: God Didn't Choose Sides
Artist: Marty Raybon
Songwriters: Mark "Brink" Brinkman, Paula Breedlove Paulajon
Music Video Director: Sammy Passamano III

"As soon as we reached the water's edge, we began to sing that grand old hymn 'There is a Fountain Filled with Blood' and at once the enemy began to leave their works and hastened to the riverside." -Reverend Willie Ragland, Chaplain of the 13th Virginia Brigade.

In December 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia came together over the Rapidan River, not in violence, but in song. Though just days before they were locked in bloody conflict, on this cold morning God was praised as they sang together the old hymn, "There is a Fountain Filled with Blood", while a Confederate soldier (Goodwin from Company A) was baptized by the Confederate Chaplain. Despite being enemies, the tired and homesick men laid down their weapons to celebrate Jesus, and embrace the truth that God didn't choose sides.

Song Lyrics

On a river in Virginia, in the middle of a war
there were Rebels on the south side and Yankees on the north
The sounds of war fell silent till all that could be heard
Were the songs of faith in Jesus both sides knew them word for word.

God didn't choose sides
'Tween the blue and gray
He didn't choose sides....in His eyes they were the same
For every man who died, heaven's arms were open wide
They'd hear "soldier welcome home"
God didn't choose sides.

Now on both river banks together souls of blue and gray were saved
they were baptized in the waters where blood had flowed that day
Some soon would meet in heaven where on calm and peaceful ground
All husbands, sons and fathers would finally lay their weapons down.

CHORUS: (Repeat)

For every man who died, heaven's arms were open wide
They'd hear "soldier welcome home"
God didn't choose sides. Show less
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Civil War CD - True Stories About Real People Play

"GOD DIDN'T CHOOSE SIDES, Volume 1 -- Civil War True Stories About Real People" contains original songs about lost loved ones, acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, family values and brotherhood.

There have been hundreds of books, movies and songs created about the battles, presidents, generals & heroes as told in our history books about the Civil War. However, rarely do we hear the stories

on a personal level of the unsung heroes who gave their lives or had their lives totally turned upside down during the War Between the States.

"GOD DIDN'T CHOOSE SIDES, Volume 1" is the first release from a new series of albums that focus on the common men and women who were thrown together into the realities and horrors of war and displayed amazing acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, love and brotherhood to their fellow Americans.

Project creator Sam Passamano, II explains; "Even as a young child I have always been drawn to the events and people during the Civil War, probably because of the importance these years had on our American history and culture. Being a second generation record executive and the president of Rural Rhythm Records, I have had a dream for a long time to do a different type of Civil War album project. There are many songs available about the popular military commanders, battles and the politics, but I wanted to focus on real stories about citizens, slaves and immigrants whose lives, and the lives of those around them, were changed forever because of the Civil War...these true stories and people should not be forgotten or lost through the years".

This new music series combines today's top Roots Music artists with new original songs written by some of today's top songwriters bringing to life real stories about important people, places and events during the Civil War. Produced by Steve Gulley, "GOD DIDN'T CHOOSE SIDES, Volume 1" contains songs written by top Country, Bluegrass & Roots music songwriters; Paula Breedlove, Mark Brinkman, Brad Davis, Ray Edwards, Mike Evans and Terry Foust, with performances by #1 hit artists including Marty Raybon, Russell Moore, Ronnie Bowman, Lonesome River Band, Dale Ann Bradley, Bradley Walker, Tim Stafford, Steve Gulley, Carrie Hassler and more. In addition, a who's who list of award winning musicians were chosen to accompany these top vocalists including; Ron Stewart, Adam Steffey, Justin Moses, Tim Stafford and Mark Fain.

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