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Ross Shafer

The ultimate customer service story is inspiring

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Contact Ross Shafer Now! http://www.RossShafer.com
Ross Shafer is the writer/producer of (14) HR training films on Customer service, Leadership, and Motivation. He is the author of the business books, The Customer Shouts Back, Customer Empathy, Nobody Moved Your Cheese, Are You Relevant? and his newest 2011 book, Grab More Market Share (how to wrangle business away from lazy competitors). Ross is also the founder of the Customer Empathy Institute in conjunction with Calif. State Univ. at Monterey Bay...which helps coach leaders to understand the changing mindsets of evolving customers.

A 6-Time Emmy winner for his work in network televison for FOX, ABC, NBC, USA, and COMEDY CENTRAL, in 1994, Ross Shafer shifted his energies to start making films and writing books on the business successes he observed in great companies. His focus was on who dominates market share...and why.

Here he talks about Who Will Win During The Recovery.

Watch this short clip as Ross Shafer explains why customer service is so dreadful these days:

Today, Ross Shafer is one of America's most sought after conference Keynote business speakers. What makes Ross Shafer so valuable is his abiltity to cross-pollinate fresh practices from one industry to another.

Ross Shafer's newest book GRAB MORE MARKET SHARE (Wiley and Sons) teaches leaders and companies to realize the only way to grow in a soft ( or flat) economy is to take market share from their lazy competitiors.

In this new book Ross will show you how to:
1. Legally Spy on Competitors to take advantage of their weaknesses.
2. Leverage Buying Habit Trends that your competitors are ignoring.
3. Embrace the fact that Customer Urgency has replaced traditional Customer "service" because today's buyers want (and get) everything 'on demand.'
4. Offers dozens of Case Studies you can apply to your business.

Here is a "movie trailer" preview of Ross Shafer's newest book, GRAB MORE MARKET SHARE.

The key to Ross Shafer's success lies in his energy to constantly study best practices that are a moving target. He loves to share how successful organizations adapt to buying habit trends - while other competitors become lazy and obsolete - only to be relegated to the corporate boneyard.

Ross' speeches focus on evolving innovation and leveraging the public consciousness to influence buying habits.

Ross is also a multi-day conference favorite as an Emcee

To contact Ross for your next meeting go to: www.RossShafer.com or call Helen Broder at:
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