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Rooster Teeth

RT Recap: RTX 2014

346,407 views 3 days ago
Get Recapped on all of your favorite RT videos from this week as well as a lot of the fun things that happened in Austin during RTX 2014!

THE PATCH #59 ­ http://bit.ly/1o5vei8
RT PODCAST: #278 ­ http://bit.ly/VI4uOd
RTAA #153: Long Title, Weird Girl ­ http://bit.ly/1odlyDF
RT Life: Mustard Bet ­http://bit.ly/1jYMSmv
Slow Mo Erectus Shirt ­ http://bit.ly/1lCtXxi
AHWU Week #220 ­ http://bit.ly/1j0ji5g
Let's Play GTA V: Phat Stackz Part 2 ­ http://bit.ly/1jNwZiC
Countdown ­ Animal Companion Edition ­ http://bit.ly/1j0CGig
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #36 ­ http://bit.ly/1mbThif
Let's Build in Minecraft: Monopoly Part 1 ­ http://bit.ly/1o4L7FD
Things to do in GTA V: Hilltop Hijinx ­ http://bit.ly/1qrpHqF
Achievement HUNT #36: Jack vs. Gavin ­ http://bit.ly/1kiHQkx
Play Pals #5 ­ http://bit.ly/1qCG5Go
VS Episode 70: Gavin vs. Ryan http://bit.ly/1kvM88m
How To: Among the Sleep with Joel and Adam ­ http://bit.ly/1xnY1oX
Red vs. Blue Season 12: PSA RTX 2014 ­ http://bit.ly/Vihs4H Show less
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The original anime-style series created created and directed by animator Monty Oum.

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