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Rooster Teeth

RT Recap: Harry Potter Land

261,860 views 3 days ago
Join Brandon and Blaine as they go on a BROcation to Harry Potter Land, Jurassic Park, Marvel Super Hero Island and more!

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THE PATCH #61­ - http://bit.ly/1nC34u4
RT PODCAST: #280 - http://bit.ly/1mlQrTS
RTAA Behind the Blue Outtakes - http://bit.ly/1mlQlLL
RTTA Bound 4 (Implicit) - http://bit.ly/UdINnq
RT Life: The Great Warthog - http://bit.ly/1zY3p4e
RT Podcast Radio Shirt - http://bit.ly/1pg0Ao5
AHWU Week #222 - http://bit.ly/1r7ijRD
Let's Play GTA V: The Grand Heist - http://bit.ly/1p1iyfq
Countdown: Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters - http://bit.ly/UermDB
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #38 - http://bit.ly/1taXBjh
Let's Build in Minecraft: Spring Harvest - http://bit.ly/1l9DvAI
Things to do in Watch Dogs: Mario Kart - http://bit.ly/1nC2Naw
Achievement HUNT #38: Michael vs. Ray - http://bit.ly/1wBkFaY
Play Pals: Rainbow Six Vegas - http://bit.ly/1pfZJUt
VS Episode 72: Lindsay vs. Geoff - http://bit.ly/1taXQLg
How To: Outlast live at RTX - http://bit.ly/1yytDc9
Red vs. Blue Season 12: Episode 10 - http://bit.ly/UdJ5e6
Barenaked Ladies - Did I Say That Out Loud? - http://bit.ly/1nQqEbv Show less
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The original anime-style series created created and directed by animator Monty Oum.

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