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APB: Reloaded - REZISTANCE Racing Event No2

2,520 views 2 years ago
REZISTANCE once again held a nifty Racing Event and i recorded the whole session. This video is my most ambitious editing-project so far in APB. 90GB of raw material and 3 days of editing work. It took a good amount of work to finish, but it was GREAT fun creating this video to show APB from a different side than just killing each other.

You know i really like the 90s gaming era with SNES, N64 etc. , so i picked a more arcardy approach with the presentation and also picked the soundtrack accordingly.

Also i couldn't resists to include clips from my epic truck stacking session from way back on OBEYA EU1. You shouldn't miss the glory of a stack of 4 trucks, this is art!

-- Biker Mice from Mars SNES Soundtrack
-- Need for Speed Underground - Keep it coming
-- OCR01426 Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 'Clash at the Mountains' OC ReMix [Tal Tal Mountain] by Zircon
-- Various soundeffects

THANKS to the participants!
MrMik, Kurbain, Maitso, Serra, Watch, 3x3o, Suiginto, Starblaiz

I hope you enjoy the ride, the editing and the adrenaline pumping soundtrack!

Fopedish - PATRIOT EU2

Visit us at:
http://www.rezistancegaming... Show less
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