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RockWorks: EarthApps - Overview (RockWorks16)

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http://www.rockware.com (RockWare Website) The RockWorks EarthApps represent a free collection of programs that fall into two categories; Programs that read data from the RockWorks datasheet and create specialized diagrams within Google Earth, and programs that extract data from Google Earth into the RockWorks datasheet. The programs that create Google Earth diagrams include; point mapping, featuring; proportionally scaled icons, circles, cones, cylinders,and strike & dip symbols. The line mapping utilities include; 2-D & 3-D lines, tubes, polylines, parabolas and pipelines. The polygon mapping programs include; thematic mapping, mining claims, oil leases, public land survey sections, and predefined polygons for all US states and countries of the world. The image overlay capabilities within EarthApps include; static image draping, time-based image draping animations, raster label placement, static image floating, time-based floating image animations, and sea-level change simulations. The EarthApps vertical image display capabilities are centered on either a
single midpoint, or stretched between two-endpoints. Vertical features are simulated by plotting the same image at 90-degree angles. Raster legends may also be plotted at a fixed screen position. The Flyover programs offer a variety of strategies including paths, circles, and spirals for creating virtual tours. EarthApps also includes cell-mapping, based on a variety of algorithms including average points per cell and distance weighting. The survey programs convert and export survey data to Google Earth as points and polygons. The programs that extract data from Google Earth into the RockWorks datasheet include; points, lineations, polylines, and polygons. For more information about the RockWorks EarthApps, please select the EarthApps tutorial from the RockWorks welcome screen. And remember; The best part about the RockWorks EarthApps is the price. It's free. Show less
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