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Foxhole Atheist on Conservative Talk Radio - Wins them over Play

Raleigh, North Carolina's 680 AM, (WPTF) Talk Radio and news station invited me on the air yesterday for what was supposed to be a six minute segment. Due to popular demand, it turned into an entire hour.

The switchboards were going crazy and I was fielding phone calls from, let's be honest here, not a very sympathetic crowd. The back and forth was respectful, but I was surprised at many of the things I was hearing. This was my first time going out into not-so-friendly territory, though the hosts Rick and Donna Martinez were cordial. Donna seemed to play devil's advocate a bit more, but by the end of it I think I had Rick convinced that the Army did indeed open a Pandora's Box with Rock the Fort.

After trimming the commercials and weather/traffic updates, there are 30 minutes of pretty heated debate that played out over the airwaves yesterday. This is my first attempt at a YouTube video, but I was told that it was compelling enough to warrant sharing with you all.

Spoonboy performs for RBB Play

David Combs AKA Spoonboy records two secular anthems for the upcoming (?) Rock Beyond Belief Festival
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