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Robert Borden

"Stiff Neck" original acoustic song by Robert Borden

3,748 views 1 year ago
i hope you like the new song :D i've been feeling really uninspired lately but maybe things are starting to look up. whatever the case may be, PLEASE leave me some feedback, that truly does help get my motor running ^.^

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I always think about that night
You rode away with me
On a coach bus to the city
And then how you fell asleep
While we were watching Woody Allen
on that grainy little screen
above our heads and how
I tried to lean on you but it hurt my neck

Every now and then I think about
how we got lost in central park
In the rain on our way
To see your cousin and your aunt
and we were scared we wouldn't make it
before it got too dark
two tiny infants crawling our way across
the grimy sidewalks

But New York is no place for cover
no shelter from growing up
and all you little girls end up just like your mothers
you don't care enough and then you care way too much

And I can't promise I'll remember
To visit you at college in the spring
I'll be so busy trying to stay seventeen
I'll barely even have time to think

I always think about that time
that we stayed in bed all day
watching Harry Potter with hot chocolate
that my mom made
as much as i love to adventure
stroll around the city streets
i think i'm happiest
alone with you, with your mixtape on repeat

cos New York is no place for me
no refuge from the steady humming drone
of businesspeople's shuffling feet
and my undying fear of dying alone

no I can't promise I'll remember
To visit you in Boston once you're set
cos i don't know if i'm really what you want
or just a choice you made that you'll eventually regret

i'm so sick of sleeping alone
so i stay up all night missing you instead
with my stiff neck and my bloodshot eyes
i'll try my best to visit but i'm likely to forget

I always think about that night
You came home with me
On a train back from the city
And then how I fell asleep
While I was staring out the window
at the skyline's passing view
when i woke up you just hushed me
and said i could sleep on you


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