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Robert Borden

"Matches" original song by Robert Borden

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i'll go to the drugstore
and i'll buy a book of matches
and i'll light them one by one
till they've all turned to ashes
'cos i like the smell of sulfur
and i like the blackened color
and i love the thrill of closing my eyes
and hoping i don't get burnt this time

i'll call you late at night
'cause i've got an addiction
to your love and your support
to your fire and your friction
and i know it isn't healthy
but the knowledge doesn't help me
'cause i love the thrill of closing my eyes
and hoping you'll catch me this time

In this life not everybody wins
it's the saddest truth that i have come to know
that no matter how much love is in your heart
you might just end up alone

i'll beg and i'll plead
i'll get down on my knees
i'm at your mercy with tears in my eyes
hoping you don't hurt me this time

i don't think we'll ever speak again
and that is something i need to accept
'cause when the love of your life just passes you by
maybe it's for the best

so i'll go to the drugstore
and this time i'll just buy a lighter
'cause i've got my eyes wide open
and i'm walking into the fire
'cause i've missed your heat
even though it burns
because in this eternal winter
you're the only thing that's keepin me warm


My latest EP, The Feeling of Falling Down, can be found on:
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