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Robar - Perfect Enemies (feat. Guillaume Bideau)

32,536 views 8 months ago
This is studio video for my song called "Perfect Enemies" featuring amazing Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic, One-Way Mirror) on vocals.

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Guillaume Bideau - Vocals

Roman "Robar" Barbun - Guitars & Synths

Matt "Minotaur" Gabnai - Bass

Alexander Kasiarum - Drums

Guitars & Electronics recorded at Robar Studio by Robar.
Drums recorded at Joncofy Studio by Alexander Kasiarum and Max Morton.
Vocals mixed & recorded at Dogs In The House Prods. by Guillaume Bideau.
Bass recorded by Matt Gabnai at Minotaur Studios.

Drums are mixed by Max Morton at Morton Studio (www.maxmorton.com)

Mixed & Mastered by Robar
Music & Lyrics by Robar

THANKS TO: Alina Krasieva, Olga Kasiarum, Damien Blindness, Alexander "Lazy" Linyviy, Rikke Konggaard Schou, Zhanik, Andrey Baluka, Ivan Dubov, Joncofy, Nikita Biloshitsky, Jam Music, ESP guitars, TAMA drums, Warwick Basses, Prolude.


We grasp the future but we are blind
They are getting rid of those who are not inclined
I'm running 'round in circles in a drastic pluck
My adrenaline is pushing me but I'm stuck
Why do you think it's right?

We grasp the future but we are blind
This have always been the type of thought I can't deny
Damaging perfection in a vicious blood
is excoriating, but I'm trained to keep my mouth shut

In my eyes we seem to be perfect enemies
And your affections ain't gonna change a thing
In my hopes we never contemplate to meet again
But only question "Did it all exist?"

A thousands needles are piercing my skin
As I'm jaded after all the things (that) we have seen.
Commit the breakdown, release the truth and escape it somehow
Why would you think it's not right?

This endless lesion could be foreseen
But the the bottom line today is a constant game we play to lose or win
I'm running 'round in circles in a drastic pluck
My adrenaline is pushing me but I'm stuck
We grasp the future but we are blind and it's about to break now

I'm about to get out, commit the breakdown, release the truth and somehow escape it
And I'm about to break down and just shed the light Show less
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