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Rob Garland

Rob Garland-TrueFire Sherpa Online Interactive Classroom Guitar Babylon (Commercial)

1,508 views 2 years ago
TrueFire Sherpa Online Classroom GUITAR BABYLON with ROB GARLAND.
For more details visit:

Rob's other YT videos include:
Sweep Picking Arpeggio Lesson
Melodic Soloing With Chord Tones Lesson
Improvisation Phrasing Lessons (Blues-Funk-Fusion)
Fingerpicking & Acoustic Blues
Improvising Over Backing Tracks:
Lydian Jam In C
Slow Modal Fusion
Modal Jam
Wampler Dual Fusion Rock Jam
Tom Quayle Dm Funk Fusion
Beyond The Pentatonic Scale Lessons
The Melodic Minor Scale ii-V-I Lesson
Tribute To Gary Moore
Gospel Blues In C
Jade's Song

Get personalized one-on-one instruction from top guitar educators in TrueFire's online classrooms - on your schedule, at your pace, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Ideal for any age or level of guitar player who is not satisfied with the progress they are making on their own and does not have convenient access to quality guitar instruction.

Top Educators Guide Your Path
While TrueFire's technology and online tools make it all possible, the "secret ingredient" behind this unique learning experience is really all about the quality and range of instructors.

The Sherpa faculty is a cherry-picked group of top educators with pedigrees a mile long and hundreds of books and courses to their collective credit. Browse by instructor or classroom to learn more.

Video, Audio & Text Communication Tools
More powerful than email and text messaging, yet just as easy to use, TrueFire's video and audio communication tools keep you and your instructor connected in a highly convenient, efficient and personal way. No wasted time, no scheduling conflicts, no stage fright, no hassles.

You can "see" and "hear" the instructor's personalized video lessons on your own timetable. Likewise, the instructor can "see" and "hear" your video work assignments to assess your progress and provide you with specific feedback, video instruction and new lesson plans.

Interact with Students & Discussion Feeds
While your personalized lessons are private sessions between just you and the instructor, you can also communicate and interact with other students studying under your Sherpa Instructor.

Dozens of lesson discussion feeds allow you to share tips, insight and foster camaraderie, all of which further enhance the learning experience. It's a social learning experience!

Unlimited Access to 10,000+ Video Lessons
Guitar Sherpa students have 24-7 access to all of the video lessons and learning materials that their instructor has prepared in the classroom.

Plus, students also have unlimited access to the thousands of video guitar lessons with tab, notation and rhythm tracks on TrueFire TV, the "most comprehensive guitar lesson library on the planet."

Shifted Time Learning Environment
Students and instructors interact in a "shifted time" environment; no scheduled webinars, no live video conferencing, no technical snafus, no pressure.

You will exchange video, text and audio messages with your chosen Sherpa instructor who will prepare personalized lesson plans and regimens for you tailored to your schedule and desired objectives. Show less
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