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Heather Blessington

Dealers: YOU own your data

131 views 1 year ago
Powersports and auto dealers own their data which is collected on their behalf by their vendors. I am hearing reports of third party vendors refusing to export such data for dealerships including customer reviews...if the dealership doesn't own that data who does?

You need to be the administrator on web site analytics reports so you can pull these reports at any time you please. If a vendor is running a pay-per-click campaign on your behalf, you need to review the keyword list. If you are told this is "proprietary" go to another vendor to run your campaign.

The one and only time a vendor has the right to withhold data from you is if you choose not to pay your bill. Web site platform vendors for example own the source code that makes your site run. If you leave that vendor, the graphics and data collected from users of the site should be exported for you, but the website itself is the intellectual property of the website platform vendor. Show less
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