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Gavin Tyte

Welcome to TyTe's YouTube Channel

1,033 views 6 months ago
TyTe's YouTube Channel is the home of the Beatbox Jam Lesson Series and Beatbox Bible videos.

Download Beatbox Bible videos at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/...

Download Beatbox Jam videos at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/... Show less
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The Beatbox Bible Play

The hip-hop gospel of Luke by TyTe.

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Long-form Videos Play

Beatbox Jam is a course in human beatboxing.

Beatbox Jam is designed from the ground up to teach beatboxers who can develop their craft, be original and come up with their own sounds and techniques. Beatbox Jam provides a phonetic and notation framework for beatboxers so that beatboxers can understand about the sounds they are making and notate their sounds and beat patterns. TyTe draws on over 30 years of experience as a beatboxer and teacher. He created the world's first online and video tutorials on how to beatbox. Beatbox Jam is not designed to be the best or flashiest set of tutorials out there - there are plenty of YouTube videos that do that. No, Beatbox Jam is about providing a de-facto standard and providing a lasting framework for beatboxers. Watch, listen, and learn. Bm CH K Tss!

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Introduction Play

In this Introduction to the Beatbox Jam lesson series of videos, TyTe explains some of the origins and definitions of human beatboxing.

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Lesson 1 - The Basics Play

In this first beatboxing lesson, TyTe introduces you to the three basic sounds and helps you combine them into a beat pattern.

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Lesson 2 - My First DnB Beat Play

In this beatboxing lesson TyTe takes you through the sounds and techniques needed to make your first drum and bass beat pattern.

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Lesson 3 - Breath Control Play

In Lesson 3, TyTe takes you through making inward sounds culminating in making an inward sound and breathing at the same time.

Beatbox Jam (Beatboxing Lessons) - Lesson 4 - Tongue Grooves Play

TyTe explains how you can make drum grooves with a bass line using only your tongue. These are called Tongue Grooves.

Music Videos Play

Music videos that can be used in church worship, youth groups, etc.
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