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The Video Game Years - 1984 Pt 1 - Marble Madness, Pac-Land, Karateka, Star Force & More

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It's 1984, the crash has happened and Big Brother is watching you. No he's not, he's watching The Video Game Years because it's rad! The gang looks at Marble Madness, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Force, Karateka, Pac-Land, Tag Team Wrestling as well as the selling of Atari to Jack Tramiel and Eric's "What Shoulda Been A Video Game." It's TVGY and Welcome to '84! Show less
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The Video Game Years - 1978 Play

The Video Game Years continues with 1978 as the gang and guests look at the key moments and milestones that transpired in this formative year of the gaming industry.

The Video Game Years - Topics Play

Here are segments of The Video Game Years available to peruse by topic segment. Oh yeah. Bite Size.

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Retroware TV's Three Part Policenauts Retrospective as John Delia looks at the story, history and translation project that brought the Hideo Kojima game to English speaking audiences.
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