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Jonathan Kim

RTR ep.6 THE LOTTERY and Charter Schools Play

The much delayed (sorry!) episode 6 of ReThink Reviews! This episode looks at the excellent documentary about charter schools, THE LOTTERY, which follows four families as they hope to get their children into the competitive Harlem Success Academy. It's a film that host Jonathan Kim contends is a much better film than the more celebrated doc on charter schools, WAITING FOR SUPERMAN.

The guests for this episode are Karman Mak, the assistant principal and educational instructor at the Triumph Charter Academy in Asylmar, CA (part of the PUC charter school network), who helps explain what charter schools are and the influence teachers unions are having on education. In the guest researcher slot is Aaron Wysocki (TYT's director of web marketing), who gives us some information about charter schools, the Obama administration's stance on charters, and the state of education in Pennsylvania.

RTR ep.3 AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY and Stand Up Comedy Play

Host Jonathan Kim reviews AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY and discusses Hicks and stand up comedy with comedians Paul Provenza, Jimmy Dore, and Max Goldberg.

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