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Rep. Joe Heck: national security must remain a top priority.

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Hello. I'm Congressman Joe Heck.
Right now when people turn on the news they are hearing reports of rocket attacks in Israel, sectarian violence threatening renewed civil war in Iraq, and escalating terrorist threats against the United States prompting increased security measures at international airports.
These events and others are a reminder that supporting our allies overseas and ensuring national security must remain a top priority.
In Congress, my positions on the House Armed Services Committee and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence allow me to utilize my experience as an Army Reservist while working directly on these security issues.
Israel is facing very serious threats to her sovereignty and her people's safety. And Israel has a right to defend herself against these threats.
The military and security assistance we provide to Israel, as well as additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system, give her the tools she needs as tensions escalate in the region.
I stand with Israel during these turbulent times and support the actions she takes to reinforce her right to exist.
Another recent disappointing situation is what's happening in Iraq.
I served there in 2008. Our men and women fought bravely to bring stability to the country for years -- thousands of them gave their lives in that fight.
Now we watch as a terrorist organization called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, takes over territory with the goal of establishing a contiguous Islamic state stretching from eastern Syria into Iraq and across the Middle East.. Such a state could harbor and export terrorists which is an alarming possibility.
I fear we may have missed our best opportunity to have an impact in Iraq when we refused to heed the warning signs that ISIS was on the move. Now, as with Libya and Syria, instead of taking immediate, effective action, we are mired in a debate over how best to respond.
I continue to have concerns about the use of US ground forces in Iraq. And airstrikes should only be executed if we can show they will serve a specific strategic and tactical purpose.
But we have learned that ignoring these events can have painful results here at home -- our security today is linked to what happens in this part of the world.
Given the continued unrest in the Middle East it is clear that we, along with support from our Allies, need a new strategy that leverages our superior military capabilities to bring long-term stability to the region.
I remain engaged in these debates and others, such as the potential national security implications of the release of the Taliban Five, with the firm commitment to do what is necessary to keep America and our citizens safe, at home and abroad.
If you have any thoughts on national security issues you'd like to share with me visit Heck dot house dot g-o-v and click on Contact Joe.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Show less
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