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Shen Gaoren - Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - SRVIS

62,589 views 5 years ago
Because so many have asked for it, here's what's needed to make Martial Ancestor:

4 White Fatalis Thick Scales
2 White Fatalis Wings
2 Ucamumbal Divine Jewels
5 Elder Dragon Jewels

I tried to upload in a higher resolution this time. Be sure to watch the High Quality and tell me if you prefer this or the old way better, that will decide future videos.

Taking down the G Rank Shen Gaoren town quest with some non-SRVIS members on Xlink Kai. Keeping with my recent few videos, I'm using Light Bowgun.

Game: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
System: Sony Playstation Portable
Music Artist: Maximum the Hormone
Songs: Zetsubou Billy, Louisiana Bob

Armor: Blango Z (full)
Active Skills: Speed Fire, Bullet Limit, Farsight, NormalS/RapidBow Up, Faint Prob Halved, Cold Increase [Lo]
Attack: 502 (after Power Talon & Charm, ATK up Lrg with cats and Power Seed taken)
Defense: 305 (after level up all pieces of armor & Armor Talon)
Weapon: Martial Ancestor (Rarity 10)
tk: 444 with zoom scope.
Reload: very slow
Recoil: moderate
Rapid fire of pierce lv 1, Flame, Water, Thunder & Freeze.
Rarity: 10
Affinity: 0%
Slots: 0
Shoots: Normal (1-3), Pierce (1-3), Crag (1-3), Cluster: (1-3), Recovery (1), Poison (1), Para (1), Sleep (1), Flame, Water, Thunder, Freeze, Tranq and Paint.

Btw, for those looking for a carving guide, check out the one on Skies of Croda/Minegarde


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