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Victoria Soto (tribute-rap)

10,306 views 1 year ago
I believe in the individual liberty of self-expression and voicing your opinion, but for this video, I will not allow any disrespectful comment, and will immediately delete it. This is a grave site, show some respect.

Dedicated to Victoria Soto, colleagues and the children murdered 14 December 2012
This goes out to them strictly, I empathize with those feeling this pain.

I understand there were 27 lost souls and not "20 in an elementary zone." This was recorded when there was still a lot of misinformation.


Death is silent
Life is violence
Every breath a human takes another breath is raped
It's all a mistake
In this twisted fake fate
It makes me irrate
And leaves me in a solemn state

Giant waves of sadness magnify the badness
The evil head smiles and more bloodshed casted

We need to stop looking at the problems and find the good
"Money is gangsta" - Nah, the light is hood
But I've seen things done, that never should
Twenty lost souls in an elementary zone

Innocence impaled with lead and blood to spill
A man messed up and felt the thrill to kill

I can't help but think he was a victim in a way
But there's nothing to be said to defend his name

And what happened that day was paved straight from Satan
Only lost souls in the nation are relatin'

--- I'm not at the end......... ---

Check the infinite signifigance, brilliance, and beauty in a pure soul
A hero
That was put up against the darkest phase
With a brave gaze, looked it straight in the face

Saved many kids that day, as the killer made way with her claim:
"The kids are in the gym", she said as she looked at him

She knew she was gonna die
But saved the children's lives
As he looked STRAIGHT into her eyes

Victoria Soto, you will never be forgotten
You're not at the end, lady you've only just started
Your beauty has departed
We are haunted
But you left those children wanted
The hardest things we all must try and soften

Emotions are out of control
While evil is making parole
The devil bailed out of hell, embedded symbols
When we will wake up? And understand the riddles
We orbit in this circle, confused and belittled

--- I'm not at the end......... --- Show less
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