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Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks T - Long haul range - Gamme longue distance

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The Renault Trucks T is a unique, modular vehicle from the new Long Distance range, with a spacious, highly aerodynamic cab.
Offering the perfect compromise between fuel savings and life on board, it has been designed as a tool with customer productivity in mind.
Renault Trucks has developed this tool, making it as efficient a vehicle as possible so that haulage contractors can achieve their objective profitably.
For Renault Trucks, a truck is a profit centre that should never let its customers down, always protect their business and make their drivers proud.

Véhicule unique et modulable de la gamme Longue Distance, le Renault Trucks T dispose d'une large cabine à l'aérodynamisme très travaillé.
Parfait équilibre entre économies de carburant et vie à bord, il a été conçu pour être un outil au service de la productivité.
Renault Trucks a fait en sorte que cet outil soit le plus efficace possible pour permettre au transporteur de réaliser sa mission.
Parce que le constructeur considère le camion comme un centre de profit qui ne doit jamais laisser tomber son client, doit protéger son activité et rendre fier ses conducteurs.

Discover Renault Trucks long haul range
Découvrez la gamme longue distance Renault Trucks

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Long Haul Days 2013 Play

Over a period of several days, customers, prospects and the press were invited to test drive the new vehicles on the road and attend presentations and workshops of the services available.

Clients, prospects et presse ont été conviés pendant plusieurs jours à des essais dynamiques sur route et des ateliers de présentation des services proposés.

Construction Days 2013 Play

Since 28th october and during 6 weeks the "Construction Days" takes place in Barcelona: The goal of this event is to present ranges C and K in live conditions. More than 700 journalists and customers coming for 20 countries discovered and drove trucks !

Depuis le 28 octobre et durant 6 semaines les "Construction Days" se déroulent à Barcelone: Cet événement permet de présenter les gammes C et K en conditions réelles. Plus de 700 invités, journalistes et clients venus de 20 pays, ont pu voir et essayer les véhicules en action !


Renault Trucks Brand Play

Renault Trucks offers truck users tools that are not just the best suited to their particular activity, but the most productive and least expensive to run too. By doing this, Renault Trucks supports them in their key contribution to the development of today's economies. In some parts of the world, trucks play a truly vital role, not just carrying goods but ensuring that a vast range of services continues to operate.

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