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Standing Alone | Rejyna's Looptober Tour | NW LoopFest, Analog Café, Portland, OR

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Standing Alone | Rejyna' s Looptober Tour | NW LoopFest, Analog Café, Portland, OR | Composed and Performed By Rejyna | Video by Jazmyn Whitman/Jazmyn Marie Video Services

Going it alone, venturing out of your comfort zone? Often you're following a 'voice inside' that encourages you to take the long shot, metaphorically jumping off a cliff.

Go against the grain or take the road less traveled and you may solicit warnings from the world around -- but as the journey progresses, you realize that you are rediscovering yourself perpetually -- a stark contrast to those who live the same day over and over. You will hear the sounds of many calling you home, but like a nomad, you crave that sense of wandering, being unattached to hours and calendars, unfettered by routine and repetitive routes.

There are no pre-recorded backing tracks in this performance, all the parts are created live. "Soft on the edges and metal in the middle..." that's how one audience member described this song...


Standing alone
A voice is calling me to roam
Whether to wander
away from my home
It's never easy
to stand alone

To stand alone:
On the verge of losing reason
Lost reality
Like the changing of the seasons
Seeking harmony

On the edge of broken mornings
Gaining sanity
Overlooking scattered warnings
Again it's only me
Again it's only me

Standing alone
A voice is calling me back home
Always I ponder
Always to roam
It's never easy
to stand alone

To stand alone

Thanks to Noah Peterson, the audience, all the wonderful artists at the Festival, and the fine crew at Analog Café! We'll be returning this year!

The 2013 Looptober Tour was made possible through Rejyna's Kickstarter Backers:
Jazmyn Whitman ~ p ~ Creighton Freeman ~ Eric Clemens
Casey Piller ~ Paula Shepherd ~ Joy Greenberg ~ Midi Maniac
Lara Shema ~ Adrienne Gray ~ Joe Rollin Porter
Stephen Briggs ~ Ted Killian ~ Rhondalynn Brown ~ Billy Zenn
Marji Whitman ~ Mark Hosselton ~ Linda Harris ~ Christina Buck
Eric Ahlteen ~ Jeff Dalrymple ~ Rita Jones ~ Robert Wiese
Amy Lee ~ Ralph Denick ~ Marc Newton ~ Sherry Price
Bruce Peecher Jr. ~ Jim Ussery

Special Thanks To The Amazing International Community of Live Looping Artists and Rick, Bill, Nancy and Chris Walker, Stephen Briggs, Hans Lindauer, Tim Minarchi, Amy Lee (ANI), Maha Jumale Taitano, Kari Betush, George Wiltshire and Bourn Archer. Extra special Loops of Love to my mom-n-daugher roadcrew: Marji and Jazmyn Whitman

Please support the NW Loopfest thru Peterson Entertainment at: http://www.noahpeterson.com... and join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pa...

More Rejyna Info:

ATM73a mic thru the Vocalist Live Pro to MG82cx board
Yamaha APX500II guitar thru Boss GT3 to MG82cx
Yamaha DD-55 elec drum to MG82cx
All these are bussed thru FX send from MG82cx to a single JamMan Solo looper.
The JamMan solo looper output is routed back into the MG82cx and sent from the board mains to my ATM M3 IEM and to the house board as a premixed feed.

All Material is © Rejyna Douglass-Whitman/W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions | All Rights Reserved, Unlawful to Replicate Show less
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Digitech Vocalist & Digitech JamMan Play

Rejyna performs some of her original Citadel songs solo-style with the aid of the Digitech Vocalist Live Pro or a Vocalist Live 3, the Digitech JamMan Solo looper and/or the Boss RC-3 Loop Station.
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