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Reed Lukens


8,318 views 2 years ago
Welcome to my channel. This is a little video that will give you a glimpse into what movies I have created so far. Check them out & there's lots more to come. I travel around with my cameras and catch some amazing things on them, all of which will be on here sooner or later. So basically this is only my "Welcome" video. I have lots of other video playlists mixed in as well, along with my own 8°)

The background music that I use is unauthorized and I want to thank the owners for allowing us to use their music. Thanks go to Vince Guaraldi and his orchestra, the band Charge, our friend Steve Grace, & last but not least, Tesla Show less
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The Guardian Angel Play


This is the facts of life about what goes on around all of us in this world that people who are not "Guardian Angels" or "Miracle Workers" can not see. People are saved from death everyday without ever knowing that their lives were ever in danger. This series is dedicated to my father who lived his life as a "Guardian Angel" and at that time when I was a child, he believed that he should never tell anyone about what he does and how he works to save lives before they are lost.
By seeing things before they happen in our dreams and then being there at that place, at that moment in time, we prevent terrible accidents from happening. Thousands of lives are saved in this world by thousands of people just like you and me every single day. Many of us get the same calling and work together to keep the people safe in our world when the accidents can not be handled by just one of us. My father passed his gift of knowing truelove in person down to me and these are my stories about some of the hundreds of people that I have saved by being there at the appointed time and preventing the accident from happening and lives from being lost. All of these stories can be backed up by witnesses who were also there and watched us work through the spirit to save lives before they were lost.
This is the beginning of this series which will also teach others about their abilities and how to use them to their fullest extent. There are millions of people in this world just like me, it does not matter what color you are, what race you are from, or what religion you believe in. We are here as protectors and we do our jobs well because we know how to listen to our "Deep Hearts" or what the Christians call "The Holy Spirit" or a "God" of some type in many religions. We are the Miracle Workers of today that people have been talking about since the beginning of time.

Hydraulic Gold Mining, The Series Play


This is a complete series playlist that tells everything that I know about hydraulic Gold Mining along with a couple other videos that show the monitors in action & true Hydraulic Mining the way that it is still done these days. Like everything else, California outlaws many things that other states consider profitable. hydraulic Mining is legal in many states still today and under the right circumstances is still legal in California as long as the tailings are kept out of the river system. So watch this whole playlist, learn all about Hydraulic Mining and enjoy some good times Gold Mining :)

Power Sluicing With Different Models Play

We have used a bunch of High Bankers over the years, everything from the big Keene 4" combo and on down to the A52 conversion that is featured here under Hydraulic mining. I've had Proline's, Keene's, Gold King's, one California Sluice Box, Promac, and a few others as well. We bought a new South Yuba Mining Company High banker last year and it has served us very well. The difference to look for in high bankers is the changes in the riffles. Like with any piece of equipment, different types of riffles set up correctly will catch more gold. The Proline's that I have used were ok but needed an extension box to get most of the gold. The Keene's are basically the same depending on what model and both brands will serve you well. But the key to any box is the change up in the riffles. We build our own riffles also in our dredges but compare all of the high bankers from my video's here to the others here on the net and then choose the right one for you, your self. If there are lots of bubbles being created by the grate then add a damper. Be sure to check your tailings and then add a sluice of a different brand at the bottom if needed. there's lots of brands to choose from these days and all high bankers are not created equal. I also want to mention Heckler Fabrications here also as they make great equipment that I have not had the chance to film yet, but that is soon to come :)

Cuckoo Clock Cleaning & Repair Play


Many times over the years my family has cleaned and repaired our old clocks; so I have put the procedure on here for all to see. This cuckoo clock just needed cleaning and oiling to get it running perfectly again. This is the backwoods guide to clock repairing for everyone.

Sluice Box & Product Evaluations Play


Gold Miner will travel. I go gold mining all of the time and I use many different types and brands of sluices along with many different products. So I am going to start making demo movies on them. Many of them I own myself and then some of the others belong to many of my friends. If you make sluice boxes or specialized carpets and want a demo video made then let me know. Just so you know, I do tell it like it is, the pros and the cons. If a box needs a quick tweak to make it better, I will tweak it. I used to write Gold mining stories for many years and I wrote a number of articles on different gold dredges also. I eventually got tired of writing because I was spending too much time at my desk and less time with my kids. So I stopped for a couple of years and then I discovered how much fun it is to make good quality movies, so here we are today.
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