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Red Tie Productions

Little Birdie - Sizzle ft. K-Lub (Official Music Video)

13,580 views 3 years ago
Sing and dance to this! By Sizzle ft. K-Lub.


Written by Skyler Smith
Produced by Urbana Ave Records
Filmed by Red Tie Productions

Skyler "Sizzle" Smith
Caleb "K-Lub" Nelson
Sheaffer "The Bird" Smith


Do the Little Birdie
Do the, do the Little Birdie
Do the Little Birdie
Do the, do the Little Birdie
Do the Little Birdie here
Do the Little Birdie there
Do the Little Birdie (oh) everywhere
Do the Little Birdie
Do the, do the Little Birdie

We got a brand new dance
it's called the Little Birdie
You gotta break it down
Don't mind if you look nerdy
Oh yes, you know
All the ladies gettin' flirty
And Ima flap my wings til the day that I turn thirty

Break your wrists, break your wrists, etc.
Move your legs, move your legs, etc.
Flap your wings, flap your wings, etc.
And lay your eggs, lay your eggs, etc.

I was walkin down the street, and I saw this guy
He was lookin kinda strange, so he caught my eye
He was flappin his wings, like he was tryin to fly
I asked him how to do it, and this was his reply


You can do it here
You can do it in the air
You can do it in the car
Or do it from a far
You can do it in the street
Or do it while you eat
You can do it in a tree
So get your flappin degree

We gettin angry, like them birds
Who be smashin them pigs
We flyin high, like the sky
And snappin them twigs
Like the birdie from the Street
Who be big and yellow
Our legs quakin, like they movin
Like some jigglin jello

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