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Power Rangers: Rise of the Nega Rangers Fan Film

124,689 views 3 months ago
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The Power Rangers must fight the evil forces of the Nega-Rangers as they call their allies from all realms for a brawl which once again will be filled with EXPLOSIONS!

This is a fun project that I've been working on for the past few months spending countless hours to perfect the craft of it. I don't ever ask much, but please help support this PASSION PROJECT show your friends, share it, like it, anything would be much appreciated! But only if you actually like it haha.
THANK YOU so much for being with me up to this point, stay strong and may the power protect you!


By Thien Vuong Aka Realtdragon

Produced By: Loyal K.N.G. Productions

Assistant Director: Jeremy Caldwell

VFX Artist & Editor: Thien Vuong Aka Realtdragon

Camera Work: Jeremy Morgan, Daryn Taylor, Jeremy Caldwell, Thien Vuong

Power Rangers: Aaron Ray, Justin Maxwell, Michael Luu (https://www.facebook.com/R3...)
Nega Rangers: Thien Vuong, Jeremy Caldwell

Zach Lono - Naruto (http://facebook.com/tsuyoin...)
Kimberly Yee - Princess Mononoke (https://www.facebook.com/Ja...)
Jonathan Gomez - Ryu (https://www.facebook.com/Do...)
Colten Mikalonis - Sasuke
Coltan Manley - Ichigo
Robert Lewis - Sajin Komamura
Charley Davis - Misa
Denise Bolaines - Robin
& all the cosplayers that joined in!

Special Thanks: Trung Vuong, Tin Vuong, Vicky Casillas, & all those whose supported this project and helped help!
Instagram: Realtdragon
Facebook: http://facebook.com/realtdr...
Mi Twitta: http://twitter.com/realtdragon

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