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Vigilantism of Sex Offenders

SC - Killers (Jeremy & Christine Moody) targeted random sex offender

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Once again, more proof the online registry needs to be taken offline and used by police, to stop idiots from becoming vigilantes and murdering innocent people. How many must be murdered in cold blood before the police take the registry offline? The officer said NOTHING about vigilantism and using the registry to harass or harm anybody, so he's pretty much condoning it, in our opinion!

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How long is this silent holocaust of ex-sex offenders going to go on before something is done about it? This is yet another of the ever growing list of dead sex offenders and even innocent people, who have been killed by the online vigilante hit-list known as the sex offender registry. This is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and used by police only!

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This is another group, who claim to be "for the children," yet they go around harassing those ex-offenders who have served their time.

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