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Grey Matter (Music: Eat The Day. Lyrics + Vox: Will Be) - 720p

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8 downvotes courtesy of inbred, low information Tea Baggers that got their collective asses handed to them! LMFAO!!!
Lyrics follow..... This is a demo from a project by Wes Borland and his bro, Scott called Eat The Day. It never took off. They put out a call for people to write lyrics and record them to 3 demo tracks and send them back. Scott told me they liked my stuff.... The project died. Vox are mixed louder than I'd normally do cuz it was an audition.


Silence is a mean machine,
Wear you down,
Until you think,
It is where you've always been.

PRE: Louder and louder they come, Memories howl, Like whispers, Scream.

C: It's all in your mind - a snakey place to play, And if you fuck around - too long, Lock down, And you stay.

Pure, but guilty of what you've seen.
Distillation makes 'em clear,
Slinking through to find a way,
Past the miseries you fear.

....Relentless commitment to a relentless commitment.........

Every time he talked,
In circles,
Or alone.
The skin on his skull,
Looked like it would,
Jump off the bone.... Show less
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