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Why we've launched RALLI

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Professor Dorothy Bishop, a founding member of RALLI, explains why we're launching this campaign and why more has to be done to identify Specific Language Impairment (SLI). We also hear from young people about how language difficulties affect their lives and about their hopes for the channel. For an index of our films and slides see: http://ralliindex.blogspot....

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If you have any questions about us or the campaign please send them to: Ralli.contact@gmail.com

For more information on SLI or help and support please visit:

Afasic http://www.afasicengland.or...
Afasic Cymru http://www.afasiccymru.org.uk/
Afasic Scotland http://www.afasicscotland.o...
Afasic N.Ireland http://www.afasicnorthernir...
Talking point (ICAN) http://www.talkingpoint.org...
RCSLT http://www.rcslt.org/
ASLTIP http://www.helpwithtalking....
NAPLIC http://www.naplic.org.uk/
ICAN http://www.ican.org.uk

Book: J.H. Beitchman & E.B. Brownlie 2013, Language disorders in children and adolescents Show less
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Introduction to RALLI Play

Here you'll find videos which should give you everything you need to know about RALLI: why we launched, what SLI is, who's behind it and you can meet Seb, a 16 year old, who has SLI.

Identifying SLI Play

Signs of SLI, relationships with other difficulties, and information about why a child might have SLI are the topics in this playlist.

Impacts of SLI Play

SLI can impact on many areas of life such as literacy, behaviour, self esteem and friendships. Sometimes only the secondary difficulties are noticed and language impairments can remain hidden. This playlist provides examples of the impact of SLI and explains links with literacy difficulties.

Supporting SLI Play

This playlist provides information about the types of help for SLI for children and their families. Tips for teachers and support for families is offered through personal stories, professionals' opinions and information about the research evidence.

RALLI for kids Play

Here you'll find all our videos for children.

RALLI en Español Play

En esta lista, encontraran videoclips sobre la campaña RALLI y videoclips sobre diferentes temas relacionados con los trastornos específicos del lenguaje.  Hay videoclips para padres de familia, para profesionales y también para los niños y jóvenes con problemas de lenguaje.

What we're watching Play

Here you'll find inspiring and informative videos created by others about language impairments. Please get in touch if you have a film to share: ralli.contact@gmail.com

Other films we are watching are:
ACAMH Lectures on Speech Language and Communication and Child and Adolescent Mental Health:

Popular uploads Play

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