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Ryan Nix

I Have a Destiny

18,431 views 5 years ago
Blogging: I think it is important we take time celebrate the part we have to play in history... to help prepare the bride of Christ... you might not even now how the little things that you to love others does that give people a chance to see Jesus ... and even more importantly... us a chance to see Jesus in them and when we see Him... we can tell them what we see.

As people of God, I think we need to be a bit unpredictable and challenge religious forms that make us uncreative. I believe it was Charles Finny that said because we are human, we need a revival at least once every three days... because religious forms get stale with time and the poverty of spirit we should have is to always come back to the though... "I need you lord", because with all our striving... it would take a thousand years to praise Him and that would still not be enough. So often in our Christian community or religious views tells us to stop seeking God... and they only real way we get a living understand of Jesus is to go where He goes and hang out with Him... and in a purely human way wait... without expectation of others... untill we see Him in them... and tell them when we see Him. Show less
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