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Motion capture of horses: A movie about equine locomotion - By Qualisys

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During and after ICEL 2012 (International conference on Canine and Equine Locomotion) in Strömsholm, researchers used a massive motion capture system, consisting of 60 Qualisys Oqus cameras. With a motion capture system this big, it was possible to have a capture volume of 20x40 meters. Making it possible to capture multiple subsequent strides of horses running at full canter. Measurements was also made on horse jumping, trotters, Icelandic horses (pace & tölt) as well as German and Belgian Shepherds running at full speed.

The camera system was first used indoors, in a 60 camera setup. It was later moved outside into a 42 outdoor-camera system.

This short video summarises the equine locomotion research that was performed, using motion capture tech from Qualisys.

Narrative by equine professor Lars Roepstorff.

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