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Q-ROC.TV, the online tv network for the queer community, is launching Fall 2012. Like us on facebook: http://facebook.com/qroctv and visit our website: http://q-roc.tv

Special thanks to the Photographers who let us use their photos:
Roneka Patterson
Jason Skinner (dancer) Show less
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Excuse Me Sir Play

You've gotten the stares...people wondering if you are a man or woman. We all know the stereotypes but who are masculine identified lesbians really? Sometimes people in our own LGBT community don't truly understand us, let alone the lady who almost had a heart attack when we walked into a public restroom.

Me Sir is an ongoing "webumentary" series that explores the psyche of lesbians who are masculine identified. The series asks probing questions while exposing the day to day issues we deal with being lesbians who are easily identified by our appearance. The film will explore issues such as the various definitions of "Stud/Butch", myths, acceptance/refusal of labels, gender identification, workplace issues, romantic preferences/views, how we are portrayed in mainstream media and much more.
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