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Four Year Strong "Go Down In History" Official Music Video

50,139 views 4 days ago
CD/EP 12" http://fouryearstrong.merch...
iTunes http://georiot.co/2qG6
Amazon: http://georiot.co/3g3A

Video by http://bloodorangevisual.com/

Four Year Strong lyrics "Go Down In History"

Will I ever know what it's called when I see it?
Will I feel like its there when I call?
Will I crawl to the end of everything that I've ever known
Just to prove I can conquer it all?
But still I know that I am just what you needed
I count to 10 but still I'm defeated
Every time that you turn to go
And Still I hang on every word that you mutter
Bite the tongue and choke out the stutter
Every time that you say hello

Time rolls on, and still I feel like its already gone

It's never too late
To keep your head straight
Move your hands Back and forth in perfect symmetry
Live like a time bomb
That doesn't have long
Go down in history

Is there anyone out there?
Or am I doing this on my own
This time I'm gonna take the world on
Bracing for impact
Cross my fingers
Hope and believe that
You'll be right by my side

Time rolls on, now I feel like its taking way too long

I know my days are numbered
So I'm making them count
I've left those minutes behind me
Without a second of doubt Show less
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